Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Overcoming Fear and Worries

Fears and worries are something that eats up half of our happiness.  Most of the time, they are like unnecessary strain on our imagination. Of lately I feel I am getting infected with these negative emotions. I fear and worry a lot. And mostly or rather all the times they are out of my own thought process and nothing grave actually.

Things I excessively worry and fear about:

Fear of suffering or disease in a family member
Fear of accident if any family member is traveling out of city
Fear of loneliness or some strange feeling of insecurity
Fear of losing loved ones
Fear that some calamity is about to befall in my life.

I know we all have these concerns for loved ones but in my case I very easily jump to negative conclusions. I feel these emotions with very high level of anxiety, resulting in stress and a deep melancholic look on my face. No matter how hard I try to get over these troublesome sentiments, ultimately I land myself there knowingly or unknowingly.  

Even slightest of turbulence in daily life gets over me like a storm.

Amidst all this unstable state of mine I am searching for a respite and I believe that it lies within me. I need to grow myself with values of trust and faith. ‘Confidence’ is something I have always lacked. I very well know my shortcomings and the remedy, just need to take the right dose at the right time. The right dose is to be positive and right time is now. 

Hope I am able to practice it on regular basis and come out of my pessimistic world.’

God has given all of us some rainy days, some rainbows and abundant of sunshine. Never lose courage and strength during tough times and cherish the happy moments with smiles and laughters.

Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight. - Benjamin Franklin

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Friday, 23 September 2016


My loving parents, the pillar of strength
My dearest husband all promises and warmth
My adoring siblings, all hugs and care
These precious people all blessings and prayers

The grace above and the days of love
The pains and suffering my destiny unfolds
The calmness and peace my wound beholds
The protection and safety from the barren fields
To sooth the burns and mend the loss
I have my Lord to grace my life

No words of gratitude are complete enough
For I close my eyes in a deepest thought
To never let immoral cross my heart
To uphold the values and purest believes
To serve humanity is my service extreme.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Soft Drink - Dangers

Soft drink, cold drink or energy drink by whatever name you call it, is neither too soft on health nor it is a energy booster. It is actually something which can drain the entire human system of essential nutrients, so completely devoid of energy quotient. 

Some side effects of soft drinks:

It can trigger Asthma, Skin allergies.

It can cause Kidney stones and many Renal issues.

It can destroy Tooth enamel.

It is associated with elevated risk of Diabetes and Heart problems.

It is potentially harmful for Endocrine system (can cause thyroid problems, premature puberty and issues with conceiving).

It causes ‘Obesity’, the biggest menace.

It is associated with increased risk of Osteoporosis (Bone damage).

These soft drinks which come in different flavors are very addictive to the taste buds, you get some instant boost and feeling of well being, but it is temporary, otherwise the entire metabolism goes haywire after just a glass of soft drinks.

Mother nature has given us so many beneficial natural drinks for different seasons like ‘Bel sharbat’, ‘Amm Panna’, ‘Lassi’, ‘Kokam Sharbat’ for summers, ‘Kanji’, ‘Saffron and Apricot Milkin winters, like wise different shakes can be prepared as per availability of seasonal fruits. A simple combination of Honey and lemon in water is a great energy booster. 

Why not try these very healthy options in spite of these soft drinks or canned juices?

In my opinion these products which are causing much potential harm to the metabolic system and damaging our health should be completely banned but to the contrary I find youth icons, celebrities promoting these products. Well nobody can stop them they are earning their livelihood out of such brand endorsement. But on our part we can work to spread awareness starting from our own families gradually we can share our concern with our friends, social circle, readers and so on.

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Friday, 16 September 2016

Words for my soul

All days are not same; there are happy days to rejoice and then there are days when we feel low and down for some strange fear of unknown or a feeling of insecurity grips. 

This happens with me on frequent basis. And what helps me keep going are words of wisdom I do read on daily basis.

These words give me faith, confidence and lots of positive light. 

(These are some of quotes from ‘A calendar of quotations’ – from The Mother & Sri Aurobindo)

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Thursday, 8 September 2016

The sorry state of national capital - Delhi

Just two days of continuous rainfall puts a national capital to a standstill, highlighting the pathetic state of sewage system.

The transportation is running at its own mercy, the roads hardly get any repair. Much harrowing is the tale of roads that lead to interior parts. (By interior part, I do not mean to say some remote village or such but lanes and by - lanes leading to different part of Delhi). There are holes, breakages and unnecessary speed breakers everywhere.

The sewage system is deplorable. No insect treatment is carried out. Fumigation is restricted to selected localities.  No concern for people suffering Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya and the like infections. And the so called ministers, health department, municipal corporation, they care and worry none.  

This is just a small part of problems faced by people of Delhi – the Capital. 

One thing the government is very particular about is that we file income tax returns on time. And that is obvious too; these ministers need to stock up their funds and accounts. 

Government talk of big things like FDI inflow, Make in India, Skill India etc. I realize these are like huge achievements, but what about our basic rights?

Are we becoming used to this suffering? 

Falling ill due to negligence of Health department, Municipal boards, is this our fate?  I went to the local hospital for a blood test and all I could see was people lying helplessly down with different sorts of fever. All because of ill treatment of sewage water, improper drainage of rain water breeds mosquitoes.  Is this not the loss of precious man-hours and man-power?

Last month there was a casualty due to pothole on the road. People are suffering spinal ailments due to poor roads. Do we all deserve this, after paying off all our taxes on time?

The Prime minister is busy making foreign tours. May be my small mind or little knowledge is not able to comprehend the utility behind it. But he should at least spare one week to just travel the entire nook and corner of Delhi with his ministers. He should know the worth and reality of his capital city.