Friday, 26 August 2016

The Grandparents

Blessed are the kids who get the loving grace of grandparents. I remember my growing up days was completely bereft of care and warmth of grandparents. My maternal grandparents lived in Odisha and paternal grandparents somehow always remained preoccupied. But I still do believe that presence of grandparents is very essential for quality upbringing of a child.

I feel happiest when I see my niece bonding so well with her ‘Nani’ & ‘Nana’. My niece is a happy child with least tantrums; she is still away from menace of gadgets, she hardly watches television, and the best part is she doesn’t complaint. She spends her spare time going to the dance class, playing badminton, painting/drawing or having a book reading session with her granny. 

No doubt a child always remains closest to his or her parents but positive influence of grandparents is must for a healthy environment.  They fulfill all the gaps which we as parents may sometimes fail to provide due to busy lifestyles, strenuous working hours, etc. Though I am not a parent yet but I see that coming generation is very temperamental. They severely lack in patience.  And so they are required to be handled with care, a little extra effort can shape them up very well. The prudence, unconditional love and effortless nurturing skills of grandparents provide an abode where values and virtues thrive. 

I pity on people who consider aging parents or grandparents as a burden. In fact they are the essence of a happy family. Their blessings and countless pearls of wisdom can enhance the young generation and lift them from the pool of darkness.  

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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Five Important Friendship Lessons That Bollywood Has Taught Us!

Whenever it comes to celebration and grandeur Bollywood is the first thing to cross our mind. Be it any festivity, fashion, relationships or weddings. It inspires us all. It has taught us much in terms of friendship. It is one such sweetest emotion that some of the best bollywood movies much boost off.

Have a look at the few selected ones:-

Friendship remains and never can end

No matter after how long you meet your friends, it’s a matter of few moments to renew promises of friendship. Distance, money and stress can never come in between a happy friendship. You just need to spare some moments to keep that spark alive. It teaches that one should take time out for friends. It ultimately freshen ups your own soul.

“Kabir, Imran, Arjun of Zindagi Na milegi dobara”

Friendship crosses all cultural barriers

Bonds of friendship is never governed by any boundaries or barriers, it just flows with the sweet fragrance of care and love. Friendship gives you trust and confidence, it helps you rise above the obstacles.

“Rani, Vijaylakshmi, Taka, Tim and Oleksander of Queen”

Friendship and Forgiveness work together

The best trait of friendship is endless quarrels as well as endless forgiveness. Friends indulge themselves, fight and forgive. No hurt in friendship is intentional. Love for a friend supersedes all negativity.

"Sid, Akash and Sameer in Dil Chahata Hai."

Friends are family

Friends stick together in good as well as bad times. No matter how nasty or rowdy our friend may seem but they never leave us alone. We choose them and stay with them irrespective of any shortcomings. In a short time friends become our family.

"Jai and Veeru in Sholay"

Friends are the best support- They know us like none.

Friends know each other’s secrets, shortcomings, embarrassing moments and lot more. They may tease each other, make fun together but best of all, friends are a biggest support system.  They know our deepest passions and dreams.

"The three friends of 3 Idiots."

These are few of the bollywood friends I admire and adore as my own buddy. No doubt these characters are much fictional. But such true and real friends do exist just look beyond facebook, whats app etc and interact in real. In spite of endless sharing of online videos, forward messages, pranks, pictures; share time, moments, laughter, look into each other’s eyes and share dreams, encourage and support be companions.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Happy Rakhi

“Memories of childhood feel fresh in heart
Nagging, teasing and bundles of laughter
Swinging, cycling and tuition together
We walked this journey full of ups and down
The tears and smiles we shared it all
This strongest bond of love and care
Unparalleled, unmatched the friendship so strong”

"My dearest brother, I tie this sacred thread
With a silent prayer on my lips
With feelings profound in my heart
May God grant us wisdom so pure
With humility we lead our life ahead
Values and virtues our constant companion,
With loving grace I call you ‘Bhaiya’
May your life be filled with pleasant surprises
My blessings are yours forever my brother”

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Friday, 12 August 2016

This Independence Day.....

“Beautiful gardens of smiles and dove
The tiny steps muddled in love
The eyes shown with hopes and more
Young hearts are full of dreams that glow
Prolific are seeds that harbors peace
Shattered no life, faith restored
Insightful souls where tranquility prevail “

“The iron fist holds the pen
And writes the story of courage and strength
Their drawing radiate prosperity for all
Their art and craft is spun with warmth
The words and laughter brightens the space
Encouraged these kids follow the path,
That leads to truth, honesty and kindness
Let’s pray no kid holds a broom
Never a gun or arsenal of hatred”

This Independence Day let all of us pray for kids living a life where dreams are shattered every day, where they are forced into slavery, where they are encouraged to hold disaster in their tiny hands.

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