Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Fail Forward

“I fell in a hard way
I smothered my life in a bitter way.
I cried and cried inconsolable.
All I wished was to finish off my story.
Those moments of sadness, anxiety profound
Failures are difficult not an easy acceptance
I felt the weakness and pain immense
I hid in a veil of false perceptions
Holding the sadness, not letting it go
Gripped by fear of something unknown
Feeling miserable can suffer no more”

“Good and bad are parts of life
The road is long with jerks and bumps
The journey we undertake depends on us
We can sulk and scream with disappointments immense or
We laugh and love and learn from our failures
Improvise our thoughts and strengthen believes
Failures are such, will never leave us.
They are the teachers the guide tough
Refine your thoughts and rise up.
We need to write our story with firm determination
Life is all what we make of it”

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Beautiful Bond

Some unspoken words

Some silent whispers

Some caring glances

Some subtle touches

Some and more of love entail our relation

Those eyes which speak of million promises

That heart which beats with thy name

Souls which thou bond with Ram’s blessings

For no force the strongest can break the union.

Karwa Chauth is a festival of love and emotions.  It celebrates bond of respect between husband and wife. Renewing vows of love and companionship is the real essence of this fasting. I have seen couples fasting as well as holding grudges with each other. Expressing love is the real spirit of this festival. No prayer holds importance with any malice in heart. Celebrating fast out of fear that something untoward will happen to your husband does not make any sense. If you want to do it then most important is faith in lord and love in heart. Fear should not hold any place in your life.

The real reason or significance of celebrating should be to promote values, love and respect to nurture the family bond. Seeing the present scenario more is the show off and added stress. The real significance is diminishing. There is always added tussle between generations. The older is not able to bend and newer is sometimes not able to adapt, creating a lot of friction. Both need to understand the real value of customs and traditions and move together. 
"Happy Karwa Chauth Friends"

Friday, 14 October 2016

Everest Base Camp Trek


Standing tall high above there

Unfolding the layers of white

Creating the spells of cold waves, snow storms

It is different and bold

Amazing its beauty behold,

The journey challenging, terrain is tough

Conquering all fears we need to move ahead

Gathering ourselves with courage abound

The determined our soul shall win and shine.

We all have some hidden / secret desires. We wish to achieve or do something different from our routine life. But it’s all about time in the end of the day where we fall short off. Dreams and passions should never be left abandoned, for we get only one life to fulfill them. 

My cousin had this very different ambition to climb the Mount Everest. He underwent all mandatory test & screening, did all the required training. His group took off well seeking blessings of almighty but unfortunately he had to come down in a short span of time as his health deteriorated. This all happened almost 10 years back. Later he lost all will to try again. 

Everest the world’s highest mountain is marvel beyond imagination. Everest base camp trek is the most popular trekking route in the Himalayas. The trek starts from Khatmandu, the capital of Nepal. The best time to visit is pre and post monsoon i.e. March to May & September to December. This trek also demands good level of fitness and preparation. Few months back I came to know about a very reliable website where you can get complete information as well as support regarding this trek. They will even help you with all queries and doubt. You can check out the offers, request for quotes and compare rate list as per your convenience and choice. They even offer discounts regularly. Not only limited to trekking you can check the website for any adventure sport of your choice. 

Beauty of Mount Everest is beyond descriptions. Though I haven’t been even close by but have seen through photographs. It’s a true heaven with white all over. It is an experience of life time. A journey taken on spiritual path, self motivating full of hopes and determination.  

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Tomorrow never comes

Knowingly or unknowingly we all at some point of time keep on postponing things.  For me it is becoming like a habit and I dislike it to a core. I keep on forgetting that today is that right & beautiful time to do whatever I wish. It is my perpetual worry, that I keep lots of, even important task for tomorrow. Simple jobs like cleaning a wardrobe, decluttering, calling my friends & relatives, buying some important stuff from market etc. I have a long pending list and my time is running fast.

I very well know the cause of my unsettled situation – It is laziness and  for me tomorrow is the most perfect day.

Time has its pace. It never stops. It heals everything. And we should not take it for granted. Nothing is more satisfying then a well utilized day. It does not mean that we can never have a day for relaxing or sometimes doing nothing but it should be well approached after analyzing the important priorities.

Keep that smile forever on your face
For tomorrow never comes

Keep that loving promise close to heart
For tomorrow never comes

Shower blessings on family & friends
For tomorrow never comes

Feed a hungry today
For tomorrow never comes

Visit that beautiful place of your dreams
For tomorrow never comes

Hug your lover the tightest
For tomorrow never comes

Share that secret with a friend
For tomorrow never comes

Snuggle over a cup of tea
For tomorrow never comes

Listen to the chirping bird
For tomorrow never comes

Close your eyes and pray for humanity
For tomorrow never comes…………….


Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Angioplasty - and Heart Care

A good health and fitness is of vital importance.  Mind and Body working in harmony helps us to keep moving on in life. We all grow up listening to this fact that ‘Health is Wealth’, but we hardly realize the importance and fall prey to unhealthy lifestyles and ultimately land ourselves into various maladies.

One of the most common health conditions people are falling prey to is unhealthy heart conditions. Abundant of stress in our life, lack of sleep, junk food / unhealthy eating habits, skipping meals, sedentary lifestyle/ no physical exercise, smoking / alcoholism etc. are the real culprits of present day diseases. Heart care requires just simple lifestyle changes.

In this article let us update ourselves a little bit on an endovascular procedure – ‘ANGIOPLASTY and care after the procedure’

(Endovascular – This is minimal invasive technique for treating problems that effect blood vessels).

Angioplasty – (Vascular interventions) – Contrary to a heart surgery or heart operation where heart is cut open, in this procedure a Heart Surgeon widens any  stenotic /narrow or obstructed arteries / veins, treating arterial atherosclerosis with the help of balloon catheter, inserting it in an artery in groin, hip or arm. (A stent may be inserted as per requirement). 

As already stated it is a minimal invasive intervention therefore patients are just kept in the hospital for overnight to check for any complications. Blood pressure is monitored regularly; procedure invasion site is carefully checked for any swelling, pain or bleeding.  Vitals of patient (Pulse, temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate are regularly checked. This procedure is very simple and patient is able to walk within three to six hours.

Recovery and precautions:
  • Avoid lifting any heavy weight objects                                                
  • Avoidance of physical exercise or exertion                                           
  • Patient should not involve in any hard work or strenuous activity
  • All the medications prescribed by the cardiologist should be carefully taken on time. They should not be stopped without doctor’s discretion.
  • Blood pressure should be monitored on regular basis even after being discharged from hospital.
  • Do regular follow ups with the Doctor. Do not miss any appointment.
  • Discomfort of any kind like pain or breathlessness should be reported to the doctor without wasting time.

Angioplasty is a temporary procedure. The Condition of blocked artery can revert anytime. So one needs to take care of certain aspects of life like-

  • Good heart friendly and healthy diet. Eating right kind of food
  • Undertaking mild exercise regime as ones health permits; do consult your doctor for exercise routine that can be taken after the procedure.
  • Giving up smoking or alcoholism (or any substance abuse)
  • Avoiding anger, stress, overwork or overload of any kind, investing in hobbies or fun activities as per interest at least ones a week
  • For what to eat or for a better diet plan one can consult a dietician/ nutritionist. 

The simple rule to keep away any heart related problems is –

  • Eat right food,
  • Exercise regularly,
  • Take prescribed medicines on time and
  • Remain happy.

Staying fit will provide long term health benefits. Relax and go slow. Simple lifestyle changes provide good health benefits. Discuss any doubts or lifestyle issues with your cardiologist. Keep any anxiety or negative thoughts away. Keep channels of communications open, do not let any emotion pent up inside you, Join help groups, learn to share and discuss your problems with family or friends.

And friends we have Manipal Hospital providing best services to care for your heart like stent procedure, valve replacement, congenital heart disease, heart failure, heart operation etc.  Just have a look at their website for details regarding comprehensive heart related programs.