Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The Matters of Heart

“Your tiny feet stamped my heart

Your glistening eyes, brighten my days

Your smiles and laughters are music of happiness

My tiny angel my heart monster

You rule my life and govern my soul”

Thursday, 23 March 2017

God’s Love is so Wonderful

It’s been a long time. I am posting something today after a very long break.

Past one year has been very tough for me.  Tears sadness and anxieties were my constant companions.

It was the end of Feb 2015 when I had to rush for an emergency USG, what it revealed was shattering for me. Doctor said that he couldn’t detect the fetal heartbeat. My world turned upside down, no words could explain the turmoil my soul went through. I felt empty and lost.

Well with time I managed to gather some strength. Made peace with what happened and reignited the flames of hope and faith. With God’s grace I was again able to conceive within the next two months and then started the roller coaster ride of pregnancy. There were lots of ups and down during the entire tenure of 9 months, I was down with viral fever, some unexpected bleeding and difficulty with keeping track of fetal movements. This was all followed by an emergency C- Section delivery, 3 weeks before the expected date.

And then as we say God’s love is so wonderful, I could really feel it, it was my moment of truth when for the very first time I had my tiny being in my arms.

Just two of us with love and only love around. Nothing is comparable to the feel and touch of your own child.

Life is indeed unexpected. But one thing is for sure have faith and never let it die. Believe in miracles they really happen.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Health with Terra

Health and fitness remains the cornerstone of my family. Anything unhealthy is a big no.  This goes especially for my husband who is a big fitness freak. He prefers organic produce and home cooked food more. And when it comes to snacks he is really fond of baked and roasted food item requiring no or less oil. Sedentary lifestyle is really making all of us unhealthy. With tight office timings and gorging on junk food / snacks is taking toll on our health.

Last month being a full festivity, fun and frolic was as usual the best time of the year. With delectable dishes to relish upon and enjoying the good times with family & friends, festivals in India are really enjoyable. What comes as a side effect is the gift platter full of sweets, oily and fried food in fact everything which is heavy on stomach.

Much to my surprise a day before Diwali I received a wonderful gift pack from Terra Chips, made from real whole vegetables. Good to taste, light on stomach, full of nutrient punch and great aroma, Terra chips are really much awaited product in the present day time of adulteration and everything artificial. This perfect crunchy snack made from real vegetables like – Yuca, Parsnip, Blue Potato (Naturally), Sweet Potato, Batata and Taro, combines beautiful colours and delicious flavours. This pleasant to taste and appetizing snack provides us with Optimum amount of Energy, Protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, Vitamin C, Iron & Calcium.

These much organic and made of no artificial product Terra Chips was much liked by my family members.  Present day lifestyle when we are left with no time to enter kitchen and cook, these real vegetable chips is the best option of healthy snacking. Exotic Taste and rich colours add to the delightful munching and gourmet snacking. You are never enough of Terra chips, once the pack got finished my hubby dear immediately ordered for more of Terra chips from Amazon. They are also available at Nature’s Basket, Big Basket and Food hall.

Experience these special and distinctive -Terra Chips, pleasing for the taste buds and fulfilling for senses, don’t wait and take this journey of good health.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Fail Forward

“I fell in a hard way
I smothered my life in a bitter way.
I cried and cried inconsolable.
All I wished was to finish off my story.
Those moments of sadness, anxiety profound
Failures are difficult not an easy acceptance
I felt the weakness and pain immense
I hid in a veil of false perceptions
Holding the sadness, not letting it go
Gripped by fear of something unknown
Feeling miserable can suffer no more”

“Good and bad are parts of life
The road is long with jerks and bumps
The journey we undertake depends on us
We can sulk and scream with disappointments immense or
We laugh and love and learn from our failures
Improvise our thoughts and strengthen believes
Failures are such, will never leave us.
They are the teachers the guide tough
Refine your thoughts and rise up.
We need to write our story with firm determination
Life is all what we make of it”

(Image - Here)

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Beautiful Bond

Some unspoken words

Some silent whispers

Some caring glances

Some subtle touches

Some and more of love entail our relation

Those eyes which speak of million promises

That heart which beats with thy name

Souls which thou bond with Ram’s blessings

For no force the strongest can break the union.

Karwa Chauth is a festival of love and emotions.  It celebrates bond of respect between husband and wife. Renewing vows of love and companionship is the real essence of this fasting. I have seen couples fasting as well as holding grudges with each other. Expressing love is the real spirit of this festival. No prayer holds importance with any malice in heart. Celebrating fast out of fear that something untoward will happen to your husband does not make any sense. If you want to do it then most important is faith in lord and love in heart. Fear should not hold any place in your life.

The real reason or significance of celebrating should be to promote values, love and respect to nurture the family bond. Seeing the present scenario more is the show off and added stress. The real significance is diminishing. There is always added tussle between generations. The older is not able to bend and newer is sometimes not able to adapt, creating a lot of friction. Both need to understand the real value of customs and traditions and move together. 
"Happy Karwa Chauth Friends"

Friday, 14 October 2016

Everest Base Camp Trek


Standing tall high above there

Unfolding the layers of white

Creating the spells of cold waves, snow storms

It is different and bold

Amazing its beauty behold,

The journey challenging, terrain is tough

Conquering all fears we need to move ahead

Gathering ourselves with courage abound

The determined our soul shall win and shine.

We all have some hidden / secret desires. We wish to achieve or do something different from our routine life. But it’s all about time in the end of the day where we fall short off. Dreams and passions should never be left abandoned, for we get only one life to fulfill them. 

My cousin had this very different ambition to climb the Mount Everest. He underwent all mandatory test & screening, did all the required training. His group took off well seeking blessings of almighty but unfortunately he had to come down in a short span of time as his health deteriorated. This all happened almost 10 years back. Later he lost all will to try again. 

Everest the world’s highest mountain is marvel beyond imagination. Everest base camp trek is the most popular trekking route in the Himalayas. The trek starts from Khatmandu, the capital of Nepal. The best time to visit is pre and post monsoon i.e. March to May & September to December. This trek also demands good level of fitness and preparation. Few months back I came to know about a very reliable website where you can get complete information as well as support regarding this trek. They will even help you with all queries and doubt. You can check out the offers, request for quotes and compare rate list as per your convenience and choice. They even offer discounts regularly. Not only limited to trekking you can check the website for any adventure sport of your choice. 

Beauty of Mount Everest is beyond descriptions. Though I haven’t been even close by but have seen through photographs. It’s a true heaven with white all over. It is an experience of life time. A journey taken on spiritual path, self motivating full of hopes and determination.  

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Tomorrow never comes

Knowingly or unknowingly we all at some point of time keep on postponing things.  For me it is becoming like a habit and I dislike it to a core. I keep on forgetting that today is that right & beautiful time to do whatever I wish. It is my perpetual worry, that I keep lots of, even important task for tomorrow. Simple jobs like cleaning a wardrobe, decluttering, calling my friends & relatives, buying some important stuff from market etc. I have a long pending list and my time is running fast.

I very well know the cause of my unsettled situation – It is laziness and  for me tomorrow is the most perfect day.

Time has its pace. It never stops. It heals everything. And we should not take it for granted. Nothing is more satisfying then a well utilized day. It does not mean that we can never have a day for relaxing or sometimes doing nothing but it should be well approached after analyzing the important priorities.

Keep that smile forever on your face
For tomorrow never comes

Keep that loving promise close to heart
For tomorrow never comes

Shower blessings on family & friends
For tomorrow never comes

Feed a hungry today
For tomorrow never comes

Visit that beautiful place of your dreams
For tomorrow never comes

Hug your lover the tightest
For tomorrow never comes

Share that secret with a friend
For tomorrow never comes

Snuggle over a cup of tea
For tomorrow never comes

Listen to the chirping bird
For tomorrow never comes

Close your eyes and pray for humanity
For tomorrow never comes…………….